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Download TeamViewer 14 Free, Auto Reset ID(Verified✅)

TeamViewer 14 is remote access software and can transfer files when the computer is in screen sharing mode. Not only academic experts, IT departments of companies, individual users can also Download TeamViewer 14 for free and try it for 7 days on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 with full feature.

When the trial expires, you can use TVTools AlterID to activate Teamviewer 14 for free or choose to subscribe to packages for one user (allowing to connect up to 3 devices), for multiple users (up to 15 authorized users access to a concurrent session) and to a group (allow up to 30 authorized users to access up to 3 sessions concurrently).

Latest features on TeamViewer 14

  • Remote control with 1 click
  • Device information can be customized
  • Stable performance on low bandwidth
  • Improved connection quality
  • Strong server infrastructure
  • Better speed of information sharing globally
  • Optimized for MacOS with the latest macOS Mojave technology
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted connection worldwide
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • If you want to use more features, you can download TeamViewer 15 to your computer

Configure and install TeamViewer 14 for free

TeamViewer 14 has a lightweight configuration, easy to install. However, for easy installation and best use of the software, users should note that the machine meets the following requirements:

  • Minimum free space 25.2MB
  • Supported platforms include Windows. Macbook, Android, BlackBerry, Linux.
  • Other The software works behind the firewall and will automatically detect the Proxy configuration

Download and install TeamViewer 14 Full Permanently

The steps to download the software to your computer are very quick and simple. Follow the details for successful installation!

Link download TeamViewer 14 Free Trial unlimit

You download TeamViewer 14 Free Trial unlimit to your computer according to the standard link provided below:

*Note: Before extracting, you need turn off windows defender, Windows Security in Windows operating system and anti-virus software.

How to turn off Windows Defender Antivirus? Click here:

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Link 2:

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Download TeamViewer TeamViewer 14 Free Trial unlimit
Extract the downloaded file and run setup file

Download TeamViewer 14 Free, Auto Reset ID
Download TeamViewer 14 Free, Auto Reset ID

Select “Basic installation” and “Personal / Non-commercial use” Then click Accept – finish

Select “Basic installation” and “Personal / Non-commercial use” Then click Accept – finish
Select “Basic installation” and “Personal / Non-commercial use” Then click Accept – finish

Active Teamviewer 14 permanently with TeamViewer Reset

TeamViewer 14 allows users to try it out, free for the first 7 days. Even without Active TeamViewer 14 users can still try it but are limited to using it every 5 minutes.

Therefore we will show you how to restore the 7-day trial period using TeamViewer Reset.

The steps to activate Teamviewer 14 are as follows:


Open the software installation folder (right-click the icon on the Desktop Select Open file location)

  • Copy the file “Reset_trial.exe” to the folder where the software is saved

  • Right click on Reset_trial.exe select Run as administrator

  • After that every 7 days, Teamviewer 14’s trial expires and you just need to open this Tool Reset_trial.exe and follow the steps above to reset the trial period on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP computers, …

How to use TeamViewer 14 for newbies

How to use TeamViewer 14 is very simple, you just need to do the following:

  • Open the TeamViewer 14 program.
  • Provide Your ID and Password to the person operating your computer
  • Then enter a 9-character ID in the ID fields and click Connect to Partner.
  • The software requires to enter a 4-digit password (you enter it here)
  • Then click Connect to connect to the partner’s computer
  • Every time you start TeamViewer 14 Full or Portable, the software will automatically change the password to ensure access to the right people. Avoid people with bad intentions from illegally accessing your computer to steal data, important information, etc.

Benefits of using TeamViewer 14

  • If you haven’t downloaded the latest TeamViewer yet, then you will get the perfect benefits when using TeamViewer 14. Here are the benefits of TeamViewer 14 license in detail:
  • Cross-platform support on devices such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.
  • After installing TeamViewer 14 you can use it immediately with the password and ID available on the device
    The intuitive user interface with scientifically arranged, more eye-friendly function buttons makes operation faster than ever.
  • High performance thanks to efficient use of bandwidth for faster data transmission with, up to 60FPS speeds.
    End-to-end AES (256-bit) encryption support, random passwords, RSA 2048 public/private key encryption are also available on TeamViewer 14.
  • Supports more than 30 different languages, free for personal use without providing any information.
    TeamViewer 14 now allows iOS users to initiate screen sharing by clicking a button in the QuickSupport chat.
  • So we have shared with you how to install Teamviewer 14 with quite detailed instructions for use. You just need to jailbreak and use it for free to access the other person’s computer with the ID and Password they give you to be able to connect and control the computer remotely.

In case it is not possible to perform the installation according to the instructions. Please comment or contact us for support and answers!

Good luck!

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